By popular request, here are the lyrics and an MP3 downloadable version of BSA 2: A Message From The Man

A Message from The Man by Andrew Bancroft with Rosie Lila

Original music and lyrics by Andrew Bancroft (feat. Tonya Glanz)

Release date: August 13th, 2013


Yo… Burnin’ Man in the house. Original 2 by 4 gangsta. (What what?)

I’ve kept quiet all these years, but y’all have started too much whiney beetchin’ down there…

Beefin’ on my corners an’ shiiiiiiit. So listen up.  BM reppin’ Black Rock, check it.


Now when I was young and just a twig

Fresh bark threads, fresh leaves wig

I had no idea that i would grow this big

And get to watch all y’all crazy kids


Now every year I get erected

Over black rock city, yo and I inspect it

Eclectic art beyond what I expected

Is that robot really doing some kinky sex shit?


Electric psychedelic architect shit

and each one of y’all making it, that’s the best shit

and I know some of y’all got beef with each other

so I thought I’d speak up and try to correct it


Heeeeyer we go…


The first burner I’d like to mention

is the hardcore every year old weathered Veteran

never missed a burn, got his shit together and…

Black Rock City Veteran: “Outta my way, I know this place better than you.”


Who?  The Burning Man Virgin?

The first-timers, yeah some call ‘em Burgins

Forgot her water, but brought a hot pink merkin

Black Rock City Veteran: “She’s throwin’ trash around and not even workin’!”

Yeah, but every Burner starts a little clueless

Remember all the stupid shit that you did?

We ain’t gonna make Burning Man exclusive


So shut the f**k up, go roller skating, make out, and explore that giant vagina sculpture together.


Next up, is the LA Sparkle Pony

The hot pants are real, but the breasts are phony

The killer Goths of Thunderdome

Sparkle Pony:  “Wake up, dude, this ain’t Game of Thrones.


The Shirt-Cocker who just has to dance

Shirt Cocker: “I like clothing man, just not pants.”

The Fire-Spinner, she’s at home here

Mr. Business: “Just remember when you leave, that’s not a career.”


The Burning Man Artists so busy they missed it

The Douchebag who showed up without a ticket

The Children rising with the dawn

Shirt Cocker:  “There’s kids here!?”

Black Rock City Veteran: “Yo, put some pants on.”


BM: DPW who built this city!

DPW chick:  “Y’all show up and make it shitty.”

The Hula Hooper, the Drunken Stuper

The Naked Dude who passed out in the pooper

Ravers and Hippies and Divas galore

Whoops, I almost forgot one more

Mr. Business:  “I’m not going, it’s too corporate for sure.”

All: “Bitch, you ain’t never been to Burning Man before!”


Black Rock City Veteran: I’ve been here since 1994!

Shirt Cocker: Seriously, where are my socks?!

Goth: I’m going to kill every one of you…”




YO, you all belong with us!

Juggling glow balls on a zebra truck

Yeah, you all belong with us!

On a stripper pole, covered in dust

Yeah, you all belong with us!

Amazing, crazy, naked f**ks!

Yeah, you all belong with us!

Now watch me as my arms go up!



Watch me as my arms go up!


Like raise that muthaf*&#in’ roof!


Yeah, dat’s right.  Seriously, i don’t care what you do or where you come from — you belong with us… I mean, maybe it’s just the dehydration talking, but I think we should all just get naked and make out. I mean, my initials are BM so you KNOW I’m nasty.

Man, the desert’s getting pretty hot.

Ahhhhhhhh!  Ahhhh! Get it off! Save me!



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